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Scent Bomb

4-Pack Scent Bomb 1OZ Air Freshener Sprays

4-Pack Scent Bomb 1OZ Air Freshener Sprays

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ScentBomb Sprays are made with 100% pure fragrance oils and are 100% free of enhancers and alcohols. The scents from these potent sprays can last for days. The non-aerosol, durable glass spray bottles help keep your scents fresh and are easier on the environment.

Scent Bomb Sprays are perfect for cars & trucks, kitchens, offices, gym bags, restrooms, trash cans and more. As with all oil-based sprays, do not apply directly to fabric/upholstery.


Black Bomb: A blend of musk and bergamot fused with limes, lilies, and cedar. A masculine, musky fragrance.

Black Cherry: Brings you the dark ripe, sweet smell of cherries.

Clean Cotton: Evokes the scents of crisp, billowing breezes carry refreshing notes of newly cleaned linens. Smells just like clean laundry.

Hawaiian Blue: A tropical smell of sweet coconut and freshly-sliced mouth-watering pineapple.

Mango Tropical: A delicious tropical fruit fragrance of sweet mango and papaya.

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