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10 Packs Assorted 10.5" BluntEffects Incense Fragrance Wands

10 Packs Assorted 10.5" BluntEffects Incense Fragrance Wands

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Let us choose the scents for you!

These packs of 12 hand-dipped incense sticks burn for around 45 minutes to fill any space with your favorite scent.

In this assorted box of 10 Packs, you will receive all different scents - no two scents will be the same! If you order several boxes, we'll do our best to make sure all your scents are different but you may receive duplicates based on scent availability.

  • 12 Sticks per Pack
  • 10 Packs per Order
  • Around 45 minute burn time
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand-dipped

*Please note that we cannot take scent requests on assorted boxes.

Some of the beautiful scents you may receive:

African Mist
Angel Wings
Baby Powder
Bahama Mama
Big Daddy
Bikini Bottoms
Billion Bucks
Black Hash & Herbs
Black Love
Black Onyx
Black Patchouli
Calming Lavender
Devil's Queen
Dragon's Blood
Egyptian Musk
Eve's Aroma
Floral Leaf
Good Luck
Hippie Hemp
Hot Yellow Bullet
Kiss Of Mint
Lick Me All Over
Midnight Ryder
Moon Goddess
Romantic Night
Sex On The Beach
Too Sexy
White Sage
Wild Waters

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